Thursday, February 15, 2007

Weekly Poetry

People of the world,

Inspired by a many few, I have decided to send a weekly POETRY email to all those I know and some of those I do not yet know.

If “words are the pen of the mind, and music the pen of the heart,” then poetry is somewhere in between, straddling the no-man’s-land between word and music. Because it is in a no-man’s-land, neither here nor there, poetry is extremely difficult to define – and because it is extremely difficult to define, poetry can say whatever the hell it wants, bar no bars, limit no limitations, restrict no restrictions.

The weekly poem will sometimes be sad, sometimes happy; at times frustrating, at other times inspiring. But, no matter what genre, mood or circumstance, there will always be an attempt at making it real – that is, addressing and undressing something relevant and meaningful.

Some of the poems may have appeared right here on the blog, some may have been printed before, and some may be seeing their first light. All are my original "creations."

Comments and feedback, be it critical or complimentary, are always welcome and appreciated – after all, a poet may learn much from the language but he learns most from the reader.

If you would like to sign up (or know someone that would) , just email me at Sub. "Subscribe."

I hope you will enjoy our weekly climb up the poet-tree and I hope it will sprout into many branches and give-off the sweetest fruit.

(In no way will this interfere with my weekly blog posts.)


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your blog address is misspelled on algemeiner

2/22/2007 7:12 PM  
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