Wednesday, May 31, 2006


[i] Blessed he that gave a tri-book, to a tri-nation,
Through the third one, on the third day of the week,
In the third month
[ii].” A guide through tri-bulation.

In the first month: barred in heavenly bliss.
In the second: toil the earth’s darkness bleak.
– Oh, but in the third: heaven and earth kiss.

One knows just oneself: is One unified or lonely?
Two knows not another: does Two hide or seek?
– Three is one and two: Three must be one and only.

“Lofty lowered to lowly” – are the lowly to blame?
“Lowly elevated to Lofty” – was it a lofty eke?
– Lofty and lowly need not travel to be the same.

The mind journey’s only as far as it thinks.
The heart beats only until it gets so weak.
– But the essence never gets lost in inks.

There are those that say, “The Body is our God.”
Others say, “It is the Soul of which the Prophets speak.”
– Both make a life; don’t we need the tri-pod?

Southpaws would have you believe right is wrong.
And Benyamins say, “Don’t be left in the reek.”
– But isn’t the straight path shorter than the long?

Are you going to be tied-down in world’s finality?
Are you going to run to heaven’s endless creek?
– Or are you going to unite the two and create reality?

For one is one, and two is two –

Only three can unite me and you.
[i] Inspired by Lekkutei Sichos, vol. 2, pp. 301
[ii] Shabbos, 88a; Rashi – “Tri-book”: Torah, Neveim, Ksuvim. “Tri-nation”: Kohanim, Leveim, Yisraeilim. “Third one”: Moses (Miriam, Aaron, and Moses). “Third month”: Sivan (Nisson, Iyar, Sivan).


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