Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Humor Me

(Just mixing it up a bit before we continue on "Letteraly")

On the way to eternity, I met the joker man:
Ha, “where you are going that’s where I am”.
You can’t always see me, but I’m always there.
Just hang around me; I’ll make everything clear.
Where there is fire there is smoke,
Ye, and life is just a joke.

Ha, look at the baby crying, aint it a shame?
Ha, look at the man dying, what a wonderful game.
Ha, look at the lady beaten, don’t it make you laugh?
Ha, look at the child bleedin’, what a beautiful gaff.
If it aint fix don’t make it broke.
Ye, and life is just a joke.

His lips in constant smile; his heart in constant frown.
His nose red: not from shame – he’s just a clown.
Cynical ‘bout being skeptic; skeptical ‘bout being cynic.
His shrink says this is a clear case for the clinic.
I say it’s a genius of a stroke.
Ye, and life is just a joke.

The dim-witted say: he’s just a fool.
The illiterates say: he should go to school.
The politicians say: he should tell the truth.
The barbarians say: he’s just uncouth.
I say: look at the will, not the spoke.
Ye, and life is just a joke.

Funny, isn’t it, how we use our limp as a crutch.
Don’t say, “not I”: even I have succumbed to such.
But, then again, maybe we use our crutch as a limp:
It’s always harder to be the bully than the wimp.
But even the frog will croak.
Ye, and life is just a joke.

Laugh all you wish; still your eyes will be red.
Turn up your lips; still your tongue will be bled.
Scars, crisscrossed, trying to find tissue;
But even that will not resolve the issue.
You need some dagger and cloak.
Ye, and life is just a joke.

These three are extra; bending hunch
of mine:
Now the jokes over; grinding crunch
Ouch, you cringe at the bruising punch


Anonymous heARTy appetite said...

ouch, intense stuff u got there

9/27/2005 3:34 AM  
Anonymous Whoever made the rhyme did the crime said...

Your a poet
and you didn't know it

9/27/2005 7:47 AM  
Blogger Dovid said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

9/27/2005 8:35 AM  
Blogger Dovid said...

There must be some way out of here said the joker to the theif...

9/27/2005 9:26 AM  
Anonymous yeah whatever said...

how the light glows
how our life shows
and then you slip
a thousand kisses deep

9/29/2005 12:53 AM  
Blogger jakeyology said...

leanard cohen?

9/29/2005 1:06 PM  
Blogger The Bearded One said...

very impressed.
why do the best articles go uncommented? maybe everyone else just feels left in the dust. like a beautiful painting no one wants to comment on for fear of undercommenting. (the impressed part was the leanard part, you know your music)

9/30/2005 3:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


10/01/2005 7:54 PM  
Blogger Nemo said...

Nothing personal... maybe a bit... hard to tell... but...

You seem to overuse youy ability to take a line and inverse it to show a witty contrast. It has its time and place, and I certainly can appreciate it at those times, but you've constanly overused it and killed a bit of the cleverness that makes up alot of your writing.

10/02/2005 5:57 AM  
Blogger the sabra said...

yea i think im startin to think the same thing as you, nemo.

chaval cuz i really enjoy readin em but i guess there is a thing as too much of a good thing.

1/30/2006 12:21 PM  

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