Sunday, August 28, 2005

Going With The Flow

He hates loss – but hates gain even more. He sits on his talent… while watching the potential slip from under him.

Maybe he is afraid of losing that which he has gained, consequently, instead of going through the pain of loss, he just doesn’t gain – thus leaving himself with nothing to lose.

When you have nothing, you have nothing to lose.

All he wants is to simply get out of life alive, nothing more, and therefore, nothing less.

The cliché “No pain, no gain”, he conveniently changes to “No gain, no pain”, and he lives a painless – yet infertile – life.

He thinks ignorance is bliss, but why hasn’t he thought of the fact that ignorance can also be lost – and along with it his bliss?

Maybe because he’s ignorant.

Or maybe he has thought, and therefore holds on to that ignorance with white knuckles, so afraid of losing his lifeline, his sustenance, his ignorance:

You see, the only way to lose ignorance is by gaining knowledge; and once you gain you can always lose – hence his white-knuckle grip.

(But, then he isn’t exactly “ignorant”: at the least he has “thought”.

Well, I guess it all depends on whether “thinking” negates “ignorance”; or whether one can be a “thinker” and an “ignoramus” at the same time.

The word “ignorant” itself, probably finds its roots in the word “ignore”, which would lend some sense to our invented predicament:

One can only “ignore” that which actually exists – in this case – his “thought”. If he weren’t to “think”, then what would he “ignore”?

Thus, we conclude: one can only be “ignorant” if he has something to “ignore”; otherwise he is just naïve – the former, obviously being a lot worse then the latter: the latter is not his fault.)

He’s not alive because he was born; he’s alive because he hasn’t died. He’s not alive because his heart beats; he’s alive because he hasn’t had a heart attack.

For him life is a commercial, not the program. He cannot wait for the commercial to end so that he can get on with the program.

What he so haphazardly fails to see is that the commercial will end… only if he turns it into a program: only if he refines it.

Were he not to do so, following the commercial there would be no program; instead he will find every hopeful viewer’ greatest nightmare: another commercial.

When one is a viewer, one follows behind; when one is a doer, one leads ahead.

When one is reactive, at best he participates; when one is active, at worst he initiates.

So… get off of your potential: instead of viewing, start doing; instead of being indifferent, do something different – beg to differ – thus making a difference.


Anonymous ML said...

Confucius said "Real knowledge is to know the extent of ones ignorance."
If he is holding on so dearly because he recognises the benefits of his ignorance he is in fact acknowledging it.
Through minimal pain he has in fact retained his ignorance, remained blissful and came into real knowledge.

8/28/2005 10:48 PM  

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