Thursday, June 16, 2005

A Saint In Fur – Ah Tzadik In Peltz

On sleeted slate the child sits shivering in the cold
Not two feet away there is a sight to behold
A man so knowledgeable he’s always fur-sure
He can answer you with its worth in gold
He is known the world over as a saint in fur

The only thing warm are the tears on her cheek
Falling faster even before Tom can take a peek
But the s-reason in his universe isn’t winter
Her lips are feeling bluish they won’t speak
But his lips form the smile of a saint in fur

Icicles hanging from frozen eyelashes
The burning wood long gone to ashes
She can’t even muster the heat to shiver
She’d swear for the feel of forty lashes
He can’t be bothered when he’s a saint in fur

His brow is fur-rowed deep in text and thought
He leaves the store not knowing what he bought
His little box is square satisfied selfish secure
He’s got all the answers but hasn’t found what he sought
How can he whilst he is a saint in fur

She thinks the cold is fact not speculative
You see she has never known the alternative
Even fog is clear when you’ve only known blur
When you only know one entity nothing is relative
He knows both grasses but remains a saint in fur

Just take the S out of scared and put it into mile
You’d be a caring fellow with a warm smile
Replace the fish of self with the less of help my sir
You’d be a selfless help to an innocent child
That mi--ing S make- you won who -aint in fur

You thought he would be freezing too if you weren’t a liar
What did you not know that his fur is now fuel for the fire
Ye he has shed his coat of harms found himself a new fur-vor
He has changed his spinier uni-verse into one of inspire
Banishing his coat her cold your curiosity my poem fur-ever

He can never say hanging up my coat is too much a bother
Fur the only way of warming yourself is by warming another


Anonymous Dovid said...

Jake that was great.
I'm going to link to it on my site. You really should update more often...

6/19/2005 5:59 AM  

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